Solar & Energy

Eswer Power Tech can Provide Design and Construct to commissioning and maintenance of Solar Power System with tailored services to meet your operational requirements.

Solar for Residential

Electricity prices are ever-increasing and more homeowners turning to solar energy to reduce their rising electricity costs, We make perfect to make the switch to solar. Whether your goal is to save money on your electric bill or simply reduce your carbon footprint, Eswer Power Tech has a residential solar power solution that meets your energy-saving needs. We design and install solar panel and battery storage systems for homes.

Solar for Industrial and Commercial

For Industrial, commercial, retail and public entities, electricity costs are among the top operational expenses and unfortunately, these cut directly in to bottom line profits, Eswer Power tech broad experience and unique capabilities allow us to take on challenging solar PV Projects in a Variety of different location and environments ranging from residential to commercial officers, retail parks, hospitals, schools, universities,Government facilities and rural agribusinesses, project sizes range from small domestic dwellings through to large scale commercial and free standing agriculture solutions and Roof top, Ground Mount, single and Dual- axis tracker and canopy-based installations.

Engineering & Design




Operation and maintenance

Project feasibility Analysis

Energy Performance Analysis and long Term Performance guarantees

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